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Vacuum Packing Machine Table Top Mini Micro

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Product Description :

Winner Electronics offers quality Table Top Mini Micro Packaging Machine at affordable rate. The product’s dimensions are 365 x 375 x 80 and it has a SS 304 type construction. It includes an 8 cum/133LPM vacuum pump, German vacuum monitoring & control system that has a dial usage and sensor. Its packaging cycle is one to 2 depending on the product that is being packed.

Some of the many items that can be vacuum packed with it include dry fruits, fish, meat, electronic components and much more. This machine can also be customized according to client requirements. If you are looking for an improvised means of getting your products packed accurately and delivered fresh to customers, the table top mini micro vacuum packing machine is what’s required.

Why Opt For The Table Top Mini Micro Vacuum Packaging Machine?
You can program the machine to pack according to various types of products using the Microprocessor based control panel. It works efficiently to remove oxygen from the packaging, which enhances the shelf life of the item. Its design is user-friendly enabling staff to use it without any training. The simple operation enables you to see how the product is being packed. Its rigid construction ensures that the machine works steadily and is sturdy for a long period of time. It is easy-to-maintain and also is designed in such a way that it will not consume much electricity while functioning for long periods. By packing products with Winner Vacuum Packaging Pvt. Ltd machine, you are making the storage process simpler since you no longer need a large amount of space as vacuum packaging removes the need for larger space. In case of food items, this packing eliminates the need for using preservatives.

The table top mini micro packaging machine is a product that offers a quick solution to vacuum packaging needs. It is compact and can be easily placed on a countertop for functioning.  As the machine comes with a stainless steel body, it can withstand continuous usage and will help you complete packing needs for the day, on time and with precision results. Its easy-to-use system enables you to manage controls quickly, conveniently and according to the product that is being packed.

This vacuum packing machine  has been designed to carry out the vacuum packing needs of small to medium-sized companies, and is most suitable for industries in the food preparation sector. It comes with a high quality vacuum pump that helps to do vacuum packaging with precision, enabling you to manage various types of packing needs for the day with ease. Give better shelf life to the products that are being sold by your brand using this simple machine which is lightweight and portable. Its plug and play quality makes it the ideal choice for places such as restaurants, caterers, hospitality industry and much more.

Technical Specification :

Vacuum Chamber size : 
325 Width x 325 Length x 60 mm Height. Other Height not available
300 Width x 400 Length x 60 mm Height. Other Height not available

Over all Size :   
385 W x 340 L x 350 H mm
360 W x 455 L x 350 H mm
Construction :   
Body:  MS Powder coated
Vacuum chamber:  SS 304.
Full SS:  Optional
Lid :   Transparent flat Acrylic.
Vacuum Pump :   8 cum/130 LPM
Gas :   Not available
Vacuum monitoring & control :   Controlled with Microprocessor & dial gauge.
Electrical consumption :  Maximum 0.5 to 1 Kwh, can be operated on domestic connection.
Packing cycle :  1 to 2 Cycles/ minute depending upon the product to vacuum packed.
Capacity: Upto 200 to 400 kg/ shift of 8 hours

Winner special :
1.Maintenance free Vacuum actuator for lifting sealing bars.
2.Short circuit free non metallic. Made from fabric coated sealing bars.
We make customize machines as per customers requirement, quantity no bar.

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