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Vacuum Packing Machine 5 to kg

Vacuum Packing Machines Vacuum Packaging Machine

Product Description :

Winner Electronics offers Vacuum Packaging Machine for bulk packing like 50 lbs / 25 kg. This is a special model developed by WINNER for small enterprises. The utility is same as 25 kg model. All contact parts are fabricated from SS 304 The vacuum chamber size of the machine shown in picture is 550 high x 650 wide x 150 deep. The overall size of the machine is 1140 High x 450 Wide x 975 Long. The transparent viewing port is provided on the topfront of Vacuum packaging machine to observe the process. The machine consumes less than 3.5 kw of electrical energy.

Other technical specification of the machine is as follows

  • "Vacuum Pump- 417 Liters / Minute other optional
  • Sealing Bar- 630 mm long
  • Gas Flushing- Optional
  • Packing Cycle- 35 Seconds & above depending upon the product
  • Mould: Optional