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Vacuum Packing Machine Double Chamber

Vacuum Packing Machine Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Product Description :

Winner Electronics Packaging Solutions produces Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine. While vacuum packing maximum time is consumed for placing the bag in the vacuum chamber. With double chamber machine, while one chamber vacuums the product, one can arrange the bags in second chamber. Hnece the production is double. The overall size of the machine is 1125 Wide x 615 Depth x 950 Height and that of vacuum chamber is 500 x 450 Depth x 100 Height. It is made up of stainless steel with Acrylic viewing port which makes it easy to view the process. Packing cycle is 2 to 4 / minute depending upon the product. The Sealing Bar of the machine is 490 mm long with vacuum pump of 25-40 M3/Hour. The electricity consumed by the machine is 1 to 1.5Kw maximum.

Double Chamber, Double Sealing Bar For Vacuum Packing Small Packs To 5 Kg

Vacuum packing is of utmost importance in today’s manufacturing units because it is affordable and also extends the shelf life of a product much more than using preservatives or gas as means of doing so. Packs of thickness ranging from 3mm to 8mm or more can be vacuum packed and sealed instantly by a machine that can carry out packing cycles for two to three minutes or even just one minute. The vacuum packing will prevent spillage, leakage, dust or insects from going inside the pack. With items being put into such packs there is no need for it to be put into the freezer and thus the problem of freezer burn can be avoided.Buy the  Winner Vacuum Packaging Pvt. Ltd machine with double chamber, double sealing bar for vacuum packing small packs to 5 kg to make voluminous packing activities simple, easy.

In the event of having to manage voluminous pacing needs per hour, what's needed is a vacuum packing machine that is capable of managing such a heavy load. It is a heavy duty, strong machine that can be easily operated and used to hygienically vacuum pack, seal hundreds of packs of different sizes in a single hour. The double chamber, double sealing bar vacuum packing machine can manage the packing needs of a large company enabling it to do it without any breakdown or repair. It can withstand the pressure of voluminous packing and will not get rusted or corroded in the process. It is designed to take less electricity and will not require much maintenance activities.

If you look at vacuum packing, there are lots of machines available to carry out this process. One of them is the double chamber, double sealing bar for vacuum packing small packs to 5 Kg which is a robust device capable of carrying out large quantities of packing in the shortest possible time. Easy-to-use the machine manages so many product items packaging without causing spillage or damage to the item that has to be packed. It is ideal for large establishments that produce tons of products on a daily basis and need to complete packing swiftly to disperse them to various customer markets.

   A Winner Electronics vacuum packing machine can simplify the packing process such that it is easy to manage various forms of packing in a single day. Routine packing tasks can be time consuming but a machine that does vacuum packing can cut down this time drastically. Using the double chamber, double sealing bar for vacuum packing small packs to 5 kg offers the following advantages:

Technical Specification :

Model name :   Vertical Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine
Chamber Size: Width 820mm X Depth/Length 150mm X Height 620mm.
Overall Size: 1860mm x 1110mm x 1700mm including castor wheels.
Gross weight: 700kg, Net weight with pump approx.: 455kg.
Power: Maximum 3500 watts.
Construction: Complete SS 304.
Vacuum Pump: 1050 LPM/ 63 cum/ hr, single stage for faster vacuum. Oil re-circulating hence requires less oil, low noise (< 68 db), no emission of oil mist.
Lid: SS 304 with 1 SS dome is there and no glass window is provided.
Sealing bar size: Four sealing bar 800mm each
Packing cycle: Vacuum 30 +sealing 3 + Cooling 5. Total: 38 Seconds
Gas purging facility: By default

Winner special : 
4. Maintenance free Vacuum actuator for lifting sealing bars.
5. Short circuit free non metallic. Made from fabric coated sealing bars.
6. We make customize machines as per customers requirement, quantity no bar.

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