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Vacuum Packing Machine Double Chamber

Vacuum Packing Machine Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Product Description :

Winner Electronics Packaging Solutions produces Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine. While vacuum packing maximum time is consumed for placing the bag in the vacuum chamber. With double chamber machine, while one chamber vacuums the product, one can arrange the bags in second chamber. Hnece the production is double. The overall size of the machine is 1125 Wide x 615 Depth x 950 Height and that of vacuum chamber is 500 x 450 Depth x 100 Height. It is made up of stainless steel with Acrylic viewing port which makes it easy to view the process. Packing cycle is 2 to 4 / minute depending upon the product. The Sealing Bar of the machine is 490 mm long with vacuum pump of 25-40 M3/Hour. The electricity consumed by the machine is 1 to 1.5Kw maximum.