Vacuum Packing Machine for Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs

Product Description :

This is the very unique vacuum packing machine. It is specially made for packing pharmaceutical bulk drugs in “A” class clean environment. As in pharmaceutical industry every apparatus or machine in contact with drug has to be sterilized. The vacuum chamber of this machine is easily detachable and sterilized in auto claves at the temperature of 1210 C. This machine is four modules. 1) Vacuum pump with transformers 2) Control Panel 3) Trolley for vacuum chamber & 4) Vacuum chamber. All the contact parts are made from Stainless Steel 316. We can design, manufacture and supply this machine as per customer’s requirement.

Product Description :

Winner Electronics Packaging has produced a very unique machine for packing of Salt Pan Brine Shrimps Eggs. We are the first to make this type of machine in India. This particular model is for two tin packaging. Though we can produce for any capacity and also inline packing. The size of vacuum chamber of this model is 560 wide x 200 High x 250 deep. Over all size is 605 Width x 365 Depth x Height

It operates with only two parameter setting. Castor wheels are provided for easy movement of the machine. Packing cyle is 4 to 5 / minute per batch.

The working of the machine: Place the tins filled with the product filled and lids placed on the tins in the vacuum chamber and close the chamber. After specified time lid of the Vacuumed chamber will open. And vacuum packed tins can be removed for dispatch.